Content Contribution Guidelines

At Bark ‘n Yapp we feel every dog should have its day, so we created a park where community members are encouraged to contribute various kinds and levels of content: reviews, instant updates, corrections, photos, tips, votes, etc. We believe that the best advice dog owners can get is from other dog owners, whether they be ones that own the same breed as you, or share your lifestyle, or are in your own neighbourhood. Finding the best park, hiking trail, new toy, great vet or cool spa is what we want this community to experience. These content guidelines together with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy govern your use of the Bark 'n Yapp website.

That said, there is always a chance that someone will try to pose as a loving dog owner for their own reward by posting fake reviews. We are building in a number of features that will help us to identify these fakes, so we can remove or block them. Because we are also active members of this community, we only want to see the valid information that helps us bring the very best to our dogs. You have our commitment to continually improve our capabilities at bringing forward valid and useful content.

As with any community we all should strive to get along. Since dog lovers are a pretty cool breed we probably shouldn’t need this, but just in case here are a few general guidelines on posting content.

  • We expect lots barking and yapping from this community, but like any dog park, aggressive behaviour and inappropriate content will not be tolerated. There is no need to bare your teeth (threaten), bite others (harassment), not poop and scoop (rudeness), or mistreat other breeds (racism). We are the keepers of the muzzles and we know how to use them.

  • When reviewing or adding content to a non-business related entry, such as a park, hiking trail or event, do not add references to a business for cross promotional purposes. Think of that as someone putting up a billboard on your favorite hiking trail. You probably wouldn’t like that, so neither will the rest of the community.

  • All contributions should be relevant and appropriate to the website and not a place that you can get on your soapbox. You political views, ethical stance, or business ideologies will probably not be of any relevance to the community’s experience, so probably shouldn’t be part of your reviews and we certainly don’t want to hear any rants. You should attempt to connect directly to a business outside of our service if you want to raise an issue that may reflect only your opinion. Although Bark 'n Yapp may look like a public dog park, we ask those that want to be part of the community to register. Sort of like giving your name at the gate when you enter. You can create multiple personal networks within the park, so please do not publicize other people’s private information.

  • Bark 'n Yapp is designed to be a resource to the dog lover community and not a site for shaming people or companies. We know everyone on this site is FOR the ethical treatment of animals, so there is no need to post pictures or stories of abuse. There are plenty of other sites for that already.

  • We want Bark 'n Yappers to ask questions of the community and we want the community to respond, just like if you met someone in the dog park. Hey, you might even make some new friends.

  • There is an expectation that your reviews and contributions will be unbiased and objective. Business owners, employees, friends and relatives should avoid any conflict of interest when it comes to reviewing a business. That’s just bad etiquette and may require obedience training.

  • The best reviews come from the heart. That means you personally experienced something firsthand that truly made a difference (good or bad). Giving a second hand review is really not a good idea and will not be helpful to the rest of the community.

  • When supplying a review, try to tell a story that is as accurate and factual as possible. Expressing your opinion is great, but embellishment and misrepresentation of the facts may hurt your reputation within the dog park. Do you really want that?

  • We encourage you to continue to make review updates. If you had a bad experience, wrote a negative review and gave the vendor another try after the vendor has invited you back, then let the community know if the experience was better. People and companies do make mistakes, but if they make improvements from those mistakes they should be recognized for that. Life is always about trying to get better. Likewise, if your favorite vendor is starting to have difficulties with quality, a gentle negative review may wake them up to make positive changes.

  • If something is happening in your neighbourhood that you think other Bark 'n Yappers need to know about, then we encourage you to “Bark it Out”. If conditions in a park are bad on a specific day, or the animal control are hanging out at your favorite trail, let the community know. These updates will not remain as part of the permanent record and will disappear after 24 hours. Think of it as a broadcast message to make sure the community is aware of something that you stumbled across in the park that may affect them (like broken glass or tainted food).

  • If you post a photo or video as part of a review, please try to describe as best as possible what you are trying to showcase. We reserve the right to remove any photos or videos that we feel may be offensive to the community.

  • If you are reviewing something, please do not take close up photos of people, or share full names without their permission.

  • To be a member of the Bark 'n Yapp community you will not only have your account profile but one for your dog(s). There will be both private and public areas of your profiles and you can choose who you share with and just how much you want to share. Don’t be too shy, because your profile is how others in the community will see you and your dog, much like if you were in the dog park. Other Bark 'n Yappers want to read reviews from people they know and trust. Would you trust someone without a face, a name or location…just sayin’.

  • Bark ‘n Yapp allows you to connect with others you know within Bark 'n Yapp or others you may meet within the community. It is always on an invite basis and you will always have the control on disconnecting someone from your network within the community if you feel their messages are harassing, or you just want to move on. Hey that happens. Nobody likes to be harassed, so just don’t be the one that everyone disconnects from…Bad Dog!

  • All Dog Owner accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only. A business owner may have a personal Dog Owner account, as I am sure most of them are dog owners and lovers, but such accounts should only be used to interact in a non-commercial capacity. Business owners may also have a free Business Account for them and their employees which they should use to conduct any business interactions.

Effective Date: August 19, 2015